Palliative Care

        In our country, there is always a old saying of five blessings. One of the phrase “kao zhong ming” of five blessings refers to one’s natural death. It is clear that long ago in our culture that to be able to leave the world in peace is valued as well as a great blessing of life. With the progress of medical technology and seriously aging of population, people's life is constantly prolonged. Although the life of a person with a major disease can be maintained for a longer period of time, the value of life is not only in the length, but more importantly, to live in the present in a limited amount of times, and to leave the world more comfortably and with dignity. 


        On 25th January 2017, the National Health Commission of the PRC issued three consecutive documents to guide and standardize palliative care work. Later in June, the Chinese Geriatrics Medical Palliative Care Committee was officially established, a total of 12 medical staff were selected as deputy Chairman; standing Committee members and Committee members. 


        At the palliative care work here in Renai Senior Care, we serve the elderly in the end stage of life. We put in certain amount of humanistic care into day-to-day care, such as lavender decoration style, the use of aromatherapy, the creation of family atmosphere and spiritual care. In terms of service quality, we have standardization documents for several links. In terms of care service quality, we have jointly adopted Swedish Touch Therapy with The Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University. With our multi-disciplinary team including doctors, nurses, caregivers, therapists, social workers, volunteers, etc. it can not only alleviate the pain of the elderly, but also reduce the psychological suffering of their families and

the tension between them which truly helped the living to continue their lives when the deceased left the world in peace.