The Introduction of Renai Senior Care


Hebei Renai Senior Care Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2005, its predecessor is Shijiazhuang Lianyi Hospital. The corporation invested 58 million yuan, with more than 1000 employees. It is the first large-scale diversified industrial complex of senior care industry that registered in the Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is a collection of nursing homes, home-based care services, community nursing service, senior tours, medical care, rehabilitation, skill training for caregivers, elderly nutrition meal distribution, the elderly-friendly products sales.

Renai Senior Care always adhere to the corporate mission of "Do good to the world, bear the responsibility of every life, pass on love and create a better life for all elderly. " We are determined to make progress, continue to innovate, and actively explore the combination of medical and health care. After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, we are now the very first of the national experimental units of "the combination of medical and health care" in Hebei Province, the Hebei Province service industry standardization pilot unit, the largest activity base for special families of family planning in Hebei Province, the first “China Dutch Dementia Rehabilitation and Care Demonstration Base” in Hebei Province and the first “Taiwan Rehabilitation and Long-term Care Demonstration Base” in Hebei Province.

Since its establishment, Hebei Renai Senior Care is the largest medical and health care operator in Hebei Province. Under the leadership of Chairman Wu Weidong, it has always been adhering to the principle of "Morality first; bold innovation; persistent pursuit; win-win cooperation" also the corporate mission of "Do good to the world, bear the responsibility of every life, pass on love and create a better life for all elderly" as well as the service tenets "Renai senior care, full of love"; At the same time, implanting traditional Chinese culture, having " Benevolence; Charity; Great Kindness; Dedication; Devotion; Professional Ethics; Integrity; Friendly" as the corporate value. We also introduced advanced international elderly care methods, which laid a solid foundation for us to become the No.1 brand of the elderly care service industry in the nation.

The location and environmental atmosphere of the nine nursing homes under the Group are different. They are designed according to the international standardization of elderly services, using the special medical beds and barrier-free handrails/passages, setting up leisure areas and rehabilitation/health care areas to meet the needs of different ages. The general hospital provides a strong guarantee for the healthy living of the elderly: each resident has established a detailed nursing and rehabilitation file, so that their families can keep abreast of the elderly care process and physical condition. All medical care staffs can only be allowed to work with qualification certification. At the same time, we introduced Australian professionals to develop standards for the assessment of the level of elderly care and standards for rehabilitation measures. We are making sure that not only the elderly with critically illness can be provided with timely treatment, but also the elderly with who need to restore their physical functions provided with rehabilitation treatment. There is also a psychological counseling room to provide psychological comfort to the elderly and the disabled which truly achieved “Medical care; Skilled care; Health care; Wellness; Assistant living” all in one. The thoughtful service we provide physiologically and the caring we provide psychologically fully demonstrates the service tenets of Hebei Renai Senior Care - "Renai senior care, full of love".