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"A New Journey for the Elderly Care Service Industry" ---- Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association was Formally Established!



        At present, the population of Shijiazhuang City has entered an aging stage. The proportion of the elderly over 60 years old accounts for more than 14% of the total population, with an average annual increase of nearly 69,000. Almost one of the seven people has an elderly person. The aging of the population, the aging advanced population, and the acceleration of the empty nesting have made it increasingly urgent to accelerate the development of elderly services and prosper the aged care service market.

        In order to meet the needs of the elderly to enjoy the happy old age, strengthen the supervision of the city's elderly care industry, standardize the market order of the elderly care service, and build a better social environment of elderly care, filial piety and respect for the elderly. On May 26, Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association was formally established. With the aim of serving the elderly, it will further promote the service for the elderly, solve the practical problems and difficulties encountered by elderly, and constantly meet the material and spiritual needs of the elderly; represent the common interests of the various institutions in Shijiazhuang, actively reflect the wishes and voices of the organization and coordinate the work between the institutes.

        On the day of the establishment of the association, the first batch of members has reached more than 200, covering many areas such as pension care, medical rehabilitation, pension development research, and publicity. The meeting voted to pass the "Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association Charter (Draft)", "Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association Election Measures (Draft)", "Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association Management Fees (Draft)" and other regulations; it has elected the first president, vice president and vice president unit of the association, and also appointed the secretary general and deputy secretary general of the association. Mr. Wu Weidong, Chairman of Hebei Renai Senior Care, the founder of Renai Brand and the pioneer of "combination of medical and health care", was invited to attend the conference and voted as the vice president of the Association.

        Meng Huixian, deputy director of Shijiazhuang Civil Affairs Bureau, Li Yongqi, president of Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association, and Mr. Wu Weidong, unveiled the association. Subsequently, all the participants stood up and vowed to the basic norms - "serve the elderly".

      Yuan Zhifa, deputy director of China Research Center on Aging, deputy director of the secretarial group on the national strategy for aging population, the tenth member of the CPPCC National Committee, former chief editor of Guangming Daily, attended the event and highly praised the establishment of the Elderly Care Association. He expressed his opinions on present challenges and opportunities faced by the elderly care industry and hope that the various elderly care institutions in Shijiazhuang will not forget their original intentions and move forward to create a new chapter in the elderly care industry.

        With the vigorous development of the elderly care industry, the economic system of the elderly care industry has also become more and more perfect, and the establishment of industry associations has become an important part of adapting to its development. The establishment of the Shijiazhuang Elderly Care Association marks that the development of the elderly care industry in Shijiazhuang is entering an institutionalized and standardized stage. It will play the role to respond to the aging of the population, build a policy system and the social environment for the elderly, to promote the combination of medical and health care and to accelerate the cause of aging and industrial development. In the next step, the association will work hard to build a platform, create opportunities, give full play to the role of bridges and ties, and serve as the assistants of the government and enterprises to lead elderly care service industry into the fast lane.