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Elderly Care Service Meeting of Combination of Medical and Health Care Held in Shijiazhuang



      On April 8th, the on-site meeting of the elderly care service in Shijiazhuang City was held in Zhengding County. Xing Guohui, secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deng Peiran, mayor and deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, conducted the meeting. Liu Sheng, vice mayor, arranged and deployed the elderly care service work of the city. Participants observed the Xibaitong Hospital of Zhengding County (Tayuanzhuang Jinsong Nursing Home) and Yong’an Nursing Home, and learned in detail about the operating experience and practices of the elderly care institutions and the medical insurance reimbursement of elderly care institutions. After the visit, leaders of elderly care institutes of Zhengding County, Qiaoxi District and Shijiazhuang City made exchange speeches.


     Secretary Xing Guohui pointed out in his speech that it is an important manifestation of the progress of local civilization and also the responsibility for party committee at all levels to elders get good care and have something to depend on and be happy which are entrusted with the good wishes of the elderly to enjoy their twilight age. Promoting the combination of medical and health care is the practical action to implement the five development concepts, an important way to promote supply-side structural reforms, a powerful measure to implement the people-centered development thinking, and a basic project for building a modern provincial capital and a strong economic city. It is necessary to broaden the ideological consensus on promoting the work of combination of medical and health care, and unswervingly make the work happen to benefit the elderly in long-term.


Xing Guohui emphasized that it is necessary to promote the level of medical care of elderly care services with advanced concepts and pragmatic measures. It is important to work hard to build a mechanism, strengthen the top-level design, and improve the development mechanism for the combination of medical and health services, and provide a strong institutional guarantee for the development. We must work hard to improve model innovation, vigorously develop various medical service forms such as medical associations and medical communities, accelerate the construction of the "Internet + health care" service platform, and create a model of elderly care service with local characteristics. We must work hard to control the market operation, encourage and guide social capital to invest in the field of medical care, actively innovate the investment and financing system for elderly care service facilities, and gradually make social forces the main force for the development of the elderly care service industry. We must work hard to build brands, further improve the development ideas, goals and measures of a healthy elderly care service industry, vigorously develop health industries such as elderly care services, medical rehabilitation, leisure tourism, and increase the development of medical and nursing products, build a well-known national brand. We must work hard to improve service, accelerate the standardization of medical and health care institutions, increase the training of professionals in the field of medical care, and improve the overall elderly care service.


      City leaders including Zhang Ye, Han Xuejun, Wang Lijun, Meng Xianghong and leaders of each county (city, district) party committee, civil affairs bureau, municipal health commission and other relevant departments attended the meeting.